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How ecosflooring Works

With years of experience in laying floors in Australian homes, we have a good understanding of flooring. That's why we can make it easier for you to purchase flooring. Become one of our satisfied customers, experience the convenience and affordability of online shopping. In just four simple steps, you too can have new, high-quality flooring.

Identify the type of flooring you need (hybrid, laminate, engnieer, etc.)

Choose Floors

Choose your favorite flooring color after researching in the showroom or online. If you're unsure, click on the "Contact Us" page, submit your details, and our consultant will contact you shortly.

Request Samples

If you're unsure, consider ordering samples to assess the color, texture, and quality of the flooring before making your decision.

Size Measurement

Determine the measurements of the area you plan to cover.

Place the Order

- Add the selected flooring to your cart.
- Provide accurate shipping information.
- Review your order before proceeding to checkout.
- Don't forget to include any additional accessories you may need, such as underlay, adhesive, or decorations in your order.

Confirm Order

- Confirm your order before finalizing the purchase.
- Keep the order confirmation for reference.

Receive and Inspect the Flooring

- Upon delivery, inspect the flooring for any damage or defects.
- Notify us promptly if any issues are identified.


Hire a professional installer or install the flooring yourself, we install it for free in the Sydney area.

Home of Jennie

Enter Jennie Homes for a mesmerizing journey through homes showcasing impeccable design, elegant finishes and stunning aesthetics.

Jason Residence

Explore Jason House in Sydney, a stunning home created by a Sydney based architectural team. This building shows a perfect example of achieving balance in a home.

Dream family home

This Sydney residence seamlessly blends modern and timeless luxury to create a true dream family home.

Mike and Kate's Home

The white tables and chairs contrast with the dark tones of the wooden floors.

Comfortable living plan

Hybrid flooring was installed during the renovation to achieve a timeless aesthetic without compromising the functionality of the waterproof and scratch-resistant flooring, making it more comfortable to live in.

Safe haven plan

This home pairs perfectly with wood flooring, creating a classic wood aesthetic.

Different style

This renovated kitchen features wooden floors that add a different flair to the kitchen.

Chic shape

Mixed flooring complements the monochrome tones of this cozy living room, bringing an earthy character to the space.

Sydney residential

The designers used the warm tones and textures of golden oak flooring to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in this Sydney home.

Sarah's kitchen floor

Sarah chose a hard-wearing, easy-to-clean flooring for her Sydney home that would meet her heavy use needs in the kitchen while also keeping it tidy and beautiful.